5 Free Ways to Market Your Book

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So, you've finished your masterpiece and you have your printed copies ready to go, what's next? Well let's get those babies noticed and sold! Check out these 5 free ways to market your book for some really great ideas on getting your book in front of the right audience!

Social Media

Use Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter. These platforms are great free marketing tools. You can setup a profile and use them to connect with millions of readers across the globe. It helps to do a little research first regarding trending hashtags so you can reach the largest audience with your posts but here are some good ones to get you started: #writerscommunity #amwriting #amreading #booklovers #bookstagram #instaread #whattoread.


You can start a free blog on WordPress, Wix, Blogger, etc. You can blog about the book writing process, or post a blog from different characters' perspectives. You can interview your characters. If there was a major trend in the book - you can post about that, e.g., if foodies are your audience - post some great food pics, if the character is a mixologist - post a couple of signature drink recipes. If the book is for or about music lovers - generate a playlist. The possibilities are endless!


You can start a free website with Wix or Weebly. Make an author's website, or one specifically for you book. Add upcoming sales, virtual events, new releases, fan fiction, short stories, author info, & more. Content is key here - so the more you have to add, the better!

Book Trailers

You can create a book trailer on youtube for free using royalty free videos or photos from pexels.com. You can use free video editing software like OpenShot, add a voice-over or some dramatic music from Youtube's Audio Library and Presto! you have your very own book trailer.

Amazon Author Central

You can use Amazon Author Central to set-up an Author page which not only has links to all your books, but you can provide an author bio, events calendar, links to your social media accounts and various other ways for your readers to connect with you.

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