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Dear King David,


What an honor to remember such a king as you.  You are always referred to as, ‘a man after God’s own heart.’  Will you tell me what that really means?


Yes.  We here in the 21st century have our own theory about it.  Some say you are called that because of your awesome psalms and praises to ADONAI. Especially when you dance out of your clothes in Glory, Honor, and Praises to God. That is amazing!

Others say you were a man after GOD’s own heart  because you were so quick to repent when the prophet Nathan told you of your sin with Bathsheba.  King David, what were you thinking?

Well, let’s talk about how you saved the sheep from a lion and the bear, even at such the young age of sixteen. There have been so many movies made about you, but they have failed to capture the awesome King that you are,

I know that if we had sort of a self- analysis of your thoughts about yourself, then we’d be able to make an authentic depiction of the man, the worshiper, and  the great King you are.

Your psalms are off the charts; your warrior skills are fierce, and your position in God is amazing!  Hence, these are only a few of the many accolades that are attributed to you.

And wow! Words are hard to come by when describing how you defeated Goliath.  Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!  King David, thank you.  We love you!