Easy & Fun!

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Hey! It’s what I call LIBE!

Let It Be Easy!

Yes.  Did you know that when you allow something to be easy, that it also becomes a whole lotta fun?  Well it does! OK, let’s get started!

          I won’t even tell you to get out your writing journal because some people shrink back in sheer terror when you say journal. Why? Because they feel it has to be something formal, which to them spells hard.

          So what I will say is to just grab yourself a piece of paper, or something else you may want to write on.  Now, let your mind think on some things that you enjoy doing.  Ok.  Are you there yet?  Good!  Just take it nice and easy, as you begin to just list those enjoyable things you love to do.

          Now as you read over your list, you will find that quite a big smile comes to your face and enters your heart.  With that happening, you’ll begin to feel what we call, those feel good hormones course through your body.

          Just let it flow through you without rushing.  Stay in that moment for as long as you like.  Now grab that paper and begin writing again.  You’ll find that this time it won’t just be a list.


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