Kingdom Living

The Greatest Lover



In Your Presence Is Phenomenal Joy; I Taste The Delight, Bringing Me To Exponential Height; How Marvelous In My Sight! ...
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High And Lifted Up: You Over Flow My Cup! With You I Love To Sup, Your Goodness Follows Me: And Love Is All I See! ...
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The Dividing Line

The Choice Is Yours

God Is Not Trying To Kill You

God is not trying to kill you. People have been blaming things on God for years. They’ve labeled Him as a murderer, indifferent and uncaring of the problems that people face everyday. People can be found around the world shaking a metaphorical and sometimes literal fist at the heavens and yelling, ...
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Happy For Life!

Take the time this year to embrace the ultimate freedom by establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ.Embrace the God with so many wonderful attributes that one Name alone cannot describe HIM!Discover Your Creator,The Lover of Your Soul,Your Provider,The LORD Who Causes You to Triumph! ...
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