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You Can Make It Happen!

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The Power of Purpose: How to Create the Life You Always Wanted by Les Brown

All of us have what it takes to make it in today’s competitive and changing world. You may have doubted your ability to get the job done in the past, but something else may have been getting in the way of your success. The key to ultimate achievement has very little to do with your education or skill level. The secret to accomplishing great things is simple: Find and pursue the kind of work you are meant to do – your “purpose.” No one said choosing your life’s purpose would be easy. There are so many opportunities, it’s a wonder anyone finds their true calling. While it may be difficult, understanding your life’s real purpose will give you the power to have anything you want – anything at all. Once you figure out exactly what that is, getting there will be that much easier. So ask yourself: “What do I really want out of my life?”

Les Brown’s exceptional new program, The Power of Purpose, will not only help you answer that question, it will also lead you step-by-step toward making each and every one of your dreams come true. Many of the world’s greatest leaders were called failures, until they discovered their life purpose. When you choose an occupation that is truly compatible with your preferences, abilities, and unique personality, you will at last begin to understand the meaning of true happiness and personal success.

Mind Hacking Secrets: How to Change Your Mind and Habits, Rewire Your Brain and Stop Overthinking. Manage Anger, Social Anxiety, Train Your Brain for Motivation, Discipline and Mental Sharpness by John Dark, Elliot Salmon (Narrator)

What is mind hacking? Did you know that your brain is a computer? Did you know that your mind has two systems? Do you how your mind controls your emotions? How do emotions create behavior? What are focus, attention, and concentration? How can we change our current situation? Did you know that you can reprogram your mind? How do you identify negative influence and habits? How do you set your goals and visualize them? What are the common bad habits and behaviors? What are the positive habits and behaviors?

Mind hacking secrets are described as something that enables someone to change their way of thinking. Many methods can be used to enable one to change the state of mind and the way he may be reasoning. Mind hacking is done to improve how the brain function and for the purpose of individual development. By doing this, you will make an individual perform the daily activities and eventually leads to productivity.

Take Control of Your Life: How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game by Mel Robbins (Author, Narrator)

Mel Robbins is back! The international bestselling phenomenon and creator of The Five Second Rule returns to help you tackle the single biggest obstacle you face: fear. This life-changing Audible Original features a powerful mix of one-on-one life-coaching sessions and a personal narrative with vital take-aways that you can start using immediately. 

With humor and wisdom, Mel Robbins expertly tackles the fear of change, rejection, and being alone, as well as imposter syndrome and feeling trapped in the wrong career. Each session is a goldmine of discovery as Mel guides you to find your purpose, improve your relationships, and ultimately take control of your life. In these times of high anxiety, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – that changes right now. If you want the tools to break free from fear and live to your fullest potential, this is a must-listen.

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The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation by Michael Matthews

The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation is fitness expert Mike Matthews’ personal, practical blueprint for radical transformation, inside and outside the gym. It contains practical scientific research, compelling stories, and time-proven tactics that will help you discover and tap into the inner strength you need to take control of your body and life.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside:

  • The easiest way to instantly increase your willpower and self-control in any situation, no matter how you feel in the moment
  • Three science-based psychological “tricks” you can use to stay strong during moments of temptation
  • A simple 10-minute technique for beating procrastination that will skyrocket your productivity
  • How to inoculate yourself against “Great Western Disease” of “I’ll be happy when…” and find immediate joy and satisfaction right where you are
  • The “What, When, Where, If, Then” method of planning that can make you up to 240 percent more likely to follow through on your intentions

The bottom line is this: The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation is a backpack companion for everybody who wants to be better than they are now.

Armed with the information you’ll learn inside, you’re going to start living life with more energy, enthusiasm, and nerve. You’re going to develop a new paradigm for interacting with yourself and your environment. And if you really take these lessons to heart, you might just enter a new, transformative period of your life and discover that you’re capable of far more than you ever thought possible.


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