Royal Betrayal – Breaking Free From Toxic Family

Last Sunday, March 7, 2021, the long awaited Oprah interview with Meghan & Harry finally aired and sent shockwaves across the globe. The revelations from the young couple spanned from royal racism to mental health concerns to royal betrayals. The varied responses to these disclosures led to on-air upsets, walk-offs, and resignations.

A TV Show presenter from across the pond, found that his usual hateful, anti-Meghan diatribe was just one too many. When he questioned the very validity of Meghan's concerns for her mental health due to a toxic environment created by the British tabloids and familial jealousies, viewers finally said, "Enough!"

Over 41,000 viewer complaints were received against this presenter, and the following day, one of his own colleagues spoke out against the constant hatred that the presenter expressed towards Meghan.  On Good Morning Britain, Alex Beresford, stood up to his colleague and exposed the root cause of the resentment that had been fueling his colleague's rants for years. "She [Meghan Markle] is entitled to cut you off if she wants to."

This statement deserved a standing ovation and even the colleague that Alex was reprimanding got to his feet at this point! Ironically, it was only to walk off his own show, thereby proving that it was okay for him, a white male, to do the very thing he had previously accused Meghan of, 'cut and run.'

Much earlier in the show, before he walked off, the presenter said, "She's a bit of a cut-and-run. Throughout her life, all her family - her father, her ex-husband, her ex-friends, they've all been cut out of her life. It's an interesting observation that I happen to be one of those people."

Which begs the question, "Who said we have to stick around when family, friends, or bare acquaintances betray you, make you uncomfortable, or just aren't on the same page?

Her father betrays and criticizes her publicly and admitted to 'extortion by tabloid' on an interview, "Basically, what I do, because I haven't heard from them [Meghan & Harry], I'll do a story for the press. If I don't hear from them in 30 days, I'll do another story for the press and I've yet to hear from them."

As for exes, if no kids are involved in a marriage that is over for whatever reason, do you still need to associate with your ex? And Ex-friends are usually ex-friends for good reason!

You do not have to keep people in your life when your gut feeling or reaction is to run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. It's time to stop basing decisions on traditions or the expectations of others.  Wrong associations can lead to a path that you never intended to travel and traditions are poor comfort for the lonely road of consequences.

You can catch the Oprah interview again on CBS, Friday, March 12, 2021 at 8pm EST, or with Paramount+ through this Amazon Prime Free Trial.

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