Love Is The Answer!

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Only GOD gets the glory for President Barack Obama winning his second term in the highest office of the world.  Yes, the world! –Because a nation whose GOD is THE LORD reigns and has HIS utmost Blessing and Protection.

You can’t fight against GOD! 

Throughout the election week, some people have used the phrase ‘soul searching’ several times.  And, indeed, it is profoundly appropriate. It is even most critical for those perpetuating that they are lovers of God.  Many of these people have given no honor to God, or His Word– that says to pray for all those in authority; especially for your President. How dare you disrespect The Office, and the Man that GOD HIMSELF, ordained for such a time as this!

All those spewing out poisonous venom should be running scared right now because GOD has spoken, and you are fighting against El-Shaddai.  He knows your every thought that is turning your hearts black as coal. I offer this prayer in obedience to God;

“Father God; You alone are The Almighty, Awesome, Brilliant, and Magnificent Master of the universe. You are Glorious and Amazing in all your ways! Thank you for President Barack Obama.  Thank You that he has demonstrated his love for you and obedience to your Word, by loving all people.

THE LORD blesses and keeps President Barack Obama; THE LORD makes HIS face shine upon our President and gives His Awesome Grace to him.  GOD lifts up HIS countenance upon President Barack Obama, and gives him peace that passes all understanding. GOD’s angels encamp all around President Barack Obama to protect and keep him in all his ways.  IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN.”


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