The Dividing Line

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God Is Not Trying To Kill You

God is not trying to kill you. People have been blaming things on God for years. They’ve labeled Him as a murderer, indifferent and uncaring of the problems that people face everyday. 

People can be found around the world shaking a metaphorical and sometimes literal fist at the heavens and yelling, “Why don’t you do something?” God’s reply, “Why don’t you?”

I saw a film last weekend called “Law Abiding Citizen.” I’m sure many have seen the previews so I won’t be giving anything away when I share something that I found extremely thought-provoking. A character in the film makes the following inquisitive comment referring to another character, “We have him locked up and he’s still killing people?”  

Judgment is the word that immediately popped into my head when I heard this line. Why do bad things happen to people, not just good people? Judgment is in the earth. 

The situation is this: when God created the earth He put it into man’s hands. He gave humans dominion over the entire Earth. It’s in Genesis 1 – you can read it for yourself. Adam and Eve proceeded to sin in the Garden of Eden by eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They compounded that sin by not repenting; instead they played the blame game. When they disobeyed God three things happened simultaneously; they relinquished control of the earth to the devil (Yes people, he does exist.), sin entered into the world, and it brought judgment with it. 

People call it by many names today: karma, fate, whatever – it’s judgment. 

Back to the condition of the earth: Years and years go by with people sinning and doing any and everything they can imagine. Judgment comes because it’s a spiritual law that sin must be punished, but judgment is a force that has to be controlled with precision, and with no one controlling it not only is the sinner killed or harmed, but his whole family is destroyed. Maybe his neighbors get harmed in some way or the farm that he is working on goes through drought and famine and so no crops are produced, and those who he provides food for starve. Why? No one is taking control of the force of judgment. Why? They are deceived, they think that there’s nothing they can do so they say, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

God is blamed for something that man had control over but tossed away. 

God then sends Jesus to the earth to take all the sin of the world past, present, and future and receive the judgment for it. Jesus operates on the earth as fully God and fully man, undoing the works of sin and judgment – healing people of diseases, raising them from the dead, showing mankind the power that God has given them to perform good works. Jesus dies on the cross, goes to hell, and defeats the devil – strips him of any and all power that he had to deceive and destroy, rises on the third day and visibly hands that power for rulership and dominion back to man in the form of the Holy Ghost. 

What do we do with it? We say, “Isn’t that wonderful, when Jesus comes back we can really get something done with this earth.” We sit our authority back on the shelf and wait for God to change something that He has already given us the authority to change. 

We have another idiom, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.” That’s exactly what happens. People are doing nothing to stop the evil, they’re playing the blame game again, but this time they clearly point the finger at God. 

So the cycle continues. People sin and judgment comes. Judgment is such a force that not only does it affect the sinner, it affects all those around him or connected to him unless, we stand up and take the authority Jesus gave us. We can’t just pray and plead the blood over our own family members; we have to pray for our communities, our cities, our nation. We have to take action against the violence perpetrated against our youth and elders by taking a stand against the works of evil we see happening everyday. If we see someone stealing in a store, or someone getting beat up in the streets – we can’t just turn our backs and say why did God let this happen? God had nothing to do with it. Why are we letting evil prevail and judgment come for everything that’s standing in its path?

God isn’t the indifferent one – it’s people. Shaking our heads and crying and blaming others is not going to change anything. It just allows another child to get beat up or shot at the next day.

Happy For Life!

Take the time this year to embrace the ultimate freedom 
by establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Embrace the God with so many wonderful attributes
that one Name alone cannot describe HIM!

Discover Your Creator,
The Lover of Your Soul,
Your Provider,
The LORD Who Causes You to Triumph!

Lifestyle of L.O.V.E

A very anointed and talented man recently said, “It’s all for L.O.V.E.” This statement immediately brought to mind part of the scripture found in Romans 13:8, “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another.”

This is how Jesus intended for us to live. We are supposed to live a Lifestyle of L.O.V.E.wherein we emulate the love of God. Now some may be thinking, “I know this but how am I supposed to do this with people working my nerves everyday!?!” 

It’s simple really and one of the easiest things you will ever do in your life! Just remember the following Backronym for LOVE:

L – Live
O – Offense
V – Vindicated
E – Everyday

That’s how you walk in love. You live an offense vindicated life everyday. 

Think about it – what’s the root cause of all bad attitudes and dispositions? It’s offense. “I’m going to treat them mean just like they treated me.” That’s offense! Holding on to something negative that was directed towards you. The funny thing is it may not have even been intentional.

People commit evil acts against one another all because of offense – because of something said or done to them that caused them to think badly of themselves – so in order to squash those negative feelings they perpetuate them in their actions towards others who more likely than not, had nothing to do with the original slight.
Do you see how silly that is – why let someone’s negative treatment of you affect how you behave towards them or others. Why give importance to something that is by its very nature inconsequential anyway?

What do I mean by that?

You alone have control over what you do or say, and who you are or become. Are you going to let the ideas or comments of someone else put limits on your behavior, thoughts, goals, dreams?

Just because your mother said, “You’re just like your daddy, ain’t gone never be nothing” does that stop you from paying attention in school, getting good grades, possible scholarships, moving out and on to a high-paying career you can be proud of? Only if you let it!
Take a look at your life and the offenses you may be holding on to. The people that caused them are not your shadow. They are not stuck to you with glue. If it’s your parents – they’re not with you at school all day, or work.

If it’s your boss – he/she isn’t with you when you go home or hang out with your friends.

If it’s the cashier at Starbuck’s – What – you see him for like five minutes a day?

The list goes on…at some point these offenders are away from you, some of them you will never, ever see again – are you going to let what they did or said control the rest of your day, week, life?
I know it’s horrible and completely unjustified – but these offenders only have the control that you allow them to have.

In Psalm 119:165, the Bible says, “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”

When that cashier lets out an impatient huff, snatches the money out of my hand, and rips my receipt, this is the scripture that pops into my head and immediately stops me from making an unattractive grimace, or a snide comment that only makes me feel crappy later on. 

When that usher with the attitude tells me I can’t sit where I want to sit (in a vacant, unassigned, unreserved, and unobtrusive seat) after I’ve been standing in line for over an hour in the cold, rain, or heat, I just remember that Jesus loves me so much he gave his life for me so that I could be free.

We can all live offense free – but like everything else it’s a choice, a conscious effort, we have to make until it becomes habitual. It’s easy and it’s free – all you have to do is dissociate yourself from their bad day! 

Live Offense Vindicated Everyday and see how much progress you make towards your goals without a bad attitude taking up your energy.  

Remember – Lifestyle is all about choice!

Choose to walk in a Lifestyle of L.O.V.E.

The Dividing Line

The Kingdom Lifestyle is about taking ownership and creating heaven on earth.  God gave all Kingdom Citizens (Christians) a Divine Mandate; in order to fulfill that mission we have to make a choice!   That’s where The Dividing Line comes in.

You have two options- it’s either the choice for God or against God.   There is a scripture in the Bible that my Pastor likes to refer to as the Dividing Line:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.John 10:10 (KJV)

This means the choice for Jesus is the choice of abundant life.  All other choices lead to destruction and misery.

Through Biblical Principles, it’s our goal to illuminate the choice for God in every situation, to clearly delineate The Dividing Line.

It’s time to make a choice: Which side are you on?