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Top 10 BOXABL Questions Answered

Boxabl is on a mission to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone and with the 170,000 sq. ft., Factory One on its way to full production, we could be seeing the first fully-factory produced Boxabl in early 2022.  Since we started creating videos about this innovative start-up, people have asked so many different questions, so we’re going to answer the Top 10 Most Asked Boxabl Questions, from where can I put one to when can I get one!

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Question 10 – What comes with the Boxabl?

Most of us have probably seen the tours but if you haven’t or you just like seeing how cool the layout is here is a quick rundown of what to expect inside.

This 375 sq ft Casita has A Full sized kitchen – complete with large fridge – Double Sink – Oven – Dishwasher – Microwave -and Shaker Cabinetry.

The Bathroom has a deep shower/tub combination, dual flush toilet, vessel sink, Large Counter, Backlit mirror, and A Sliding Glass Barn Door.

You’ll also get a built-in ironing center, washer Dryer combo, heating and Air conditioning, and LED lighting that will save you money every day.

And with the Casita’s spacious design, you’ll still have room to bring in your own Sofa and a Queen Sizze bed!

If you want more details on the appliances and possible utility costs and Energy Ratings – be sure to check out this Boxabl Appliance Tour video!

Question 9 – What are the walls made of?

The walls are immensely strong 6 inch thick laminate panels made up of layers like – concrete board, steel, insulation material, and magnesium oxide board. Each layer is bonded by a layer of glue which makes the panels so strong that when you connect them to form the structure they can hold up the entire house without needing a foundation.

Question 8 – Is Boxabl portable?

Not only can you unfold and set up a Boxabl in about 1 hour, but you can also fold it back up and take it with you if you ever need to relocate. They are made to be transportable without needing a lot of industrial equipment and they are coming up with new innovations all the time to make this an even more efficient process!

Question 7 – Can they customize it?

At this time the company is perfecting its initial Casita model, so any customization is up to you once you take possession of your Boxabl. They do eventually intend to offer downloadable engineering plans for exterior customization as well as produce various add-on options like a full kitchen, living room and stairway, master bedroom, two bedrooms, and more.

Question 6 – Is Boxabl available outside the U.S.?

Yes, at this time the factory is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but as long as you pay shipping costs which can range from $2 – $10 per mile they will ship anywhere in the world! Boxabl is working with various companies worldwide to be able to set up partner factories which will make the products even more accessible and affordable.

Question 5 – How Much does it actually cost?

Well, The Boxabl itself is only $49,500, but additional costs will depend on where you live -Shipping can range from – $2 – $10 per mile.

The cost of land can range from $0 to over $10,000.  And yes, besides having a large enough backyard There are some free options for land that you can check out in our Free Land Video.

There’s also the set-up cost which can include charges for permits, utility hook-ups, foundation builds, and contractor fees these can total upwards of $10,000.

These extra costs can add $20,000 or more onto the $49,500 price of the Casita.

With a Waitlist of over 100,000 Casita Orders and plans for an even larger factory rolling out in the next 1 – 2 years Boxabl is showing no signs of slowing down and many have been wondering this next question.

Question 4 – Can I still invest in Boxabl?

While the Crowdfunding Investment option is now wait list only, there is a Regulation A+ Offering for accredited investors you can find out more about the Regulation A+ Exempt Public Offering and how you can get a discount from 10 – 30 % off the share prices or join the crowdfunding waitlist by checking out Boxabl’s Website and clicking on Invest.

Question 3 – Where can I put it?

As we mentioned before, Boxabl is strong enough to make a foundation unnecessary, but your city may require one. So from concrete slabs to wood beams, to garage walls, you can connect Boxabl to any foundation type. You can put these homes anywhere modular homes are permitted, whether it’s a backyard, a parcel of land, or a someplace with a much higher elevation, like Mars!

Which brings us to our next question…

Question 2 – Does Elon Musk really live in a Boxabl?

Well, based on a tweet from Elon Musk’s Twitter account back in June and Paolo Tiramani’s tongue in cheek tour of a Casita installed in Boca Chica Texas for a “Top Secret” Customer. I’d say the answer to this question is pretty obvious!

Now, it’s time for the question we’ve all been waiting for…

Question 1 – When can I actually get a Boxabl?

Well, Boxabl recently posted a Tiktok captioning it the first house is moving down the assembly line showing the path the house will be taking as it moves towards completion in the new factory.

And based on an interview that Paolo Tiramani gave in early September 2021, he expects the factory to be rolling out 1 Boxabl every 90 minutes in about 6 months. That sounds like Boxabl will be in full production mode around March 2022. With the expectation of producing at least 3,000 homes annually – those early birds who reserved their Casitas should be getting some great news early next year!

That’s all for now, but we’ll definitely keep you updated, remember to like, share, and subscribe!

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Check out this link for more information about BOXABL and get $100 to $1000 off your purchase.​ You can get all the extras you need with Free 2-Day Shipping with this 30 Day Amazon Prime Free Trial. Amazon gives more than one free trial a year so even if you’ve had one this year you may be eligible for another.

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Check out this link for more information about BOXABL and get $100 to $1000 off your purchase.​ You can get all the extras you need with Free 2-Day Shipping with this 30 Day Amazon Prime Free Trial. Amazon gives more than one free trial a year so even if you’ve had one this year you may be eligible for another.

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