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How to Make Book Trailers That Capture Readers & Hollywood

For years we've only seen two types of book trailers, the slide show - voiceover version and the big production version with actors and a big budget to go with it. What if I told you there was a happy medium that was not only cost effective like the slide show, but also movie quality like the big budget production?

Guess what? There is, and you can do it yourself too! You just need a few things and you're on your way to attracting new readers and movie producers alike!


This should be the easiest part because, as writers, this is what you do! Also, if you have a great back cover description - then you've already written the script for your trailer! Since book trailers should be short, your back cover description will be just perfect for this.

Book trailers should only last between 30 and 90 seconds, Why? Because in essence, this is an ad, and no-one wants to watch long ads. We also want to leave our viewers wanting more. We want them to be compelled to buy the book to see what happens next!


So you have your script, now lets talk about video! As we mentioned above, traditional book trailers use picture slideshows and big productions use actors and sets. You don't have to do any of that, and no, you don't have to act out your own script or record any footage (unless you want to)!

What can I use? I know we've all heard of royalty free photos, but have you heard of royalty free videos? Yep, they do exist! And you can even find some websites that offer them for free!

Hello, and!

Of course, there are also websites where you can buy royalty free videos just do a google search for Royalty Free Videos and you'll get quite a few.

Video Editor

Now we need a good video editor to put the first few pieces together. Yes, there are all types of free video editors. You can use the editor that comes with your cell phone. You can use opensource software like OpenShot Video Editor, which is so easy; I love using it!

Even is getting in on the action with their online video editor. They even have some free video clips from Pixabay and free music right in the studio area! I've used to make IGTV videos and IG Reels and even some Tiktoks. It's definitely a great resource, which now allows you to add transitions between scenes, upload your own voiceover, and music files all on the same project. With no software to download and even more free features added all the time, Canva has definitely become my preferred video editor.

Invideo Trial

There's one more video editor that I want to mention, Invideo. This is an online video editor, which gives you access to free and premium videos (all royalty free), video templates, automated text-to-speech, free music, & more! They have a free version where you have access to most of these features, but your video will have a watermark once you export it.

They also have a paid Business Plan where you get full access with no watermark. You can export 60 videos and use 300 premium royalty free videos per month. It's really great because all the videos, music, voiceover options are right there and you don't have to download any software. You can even just copy and paste your script and it will create a video for you.

I've used the business plan myself and it's so easy to use! It's also great because they have a monthly payment option where you can sign up for one month and cancel until you need it again.



Let's talk about narration. This is a big part of creating a great trailer because it helps guide your audience along the journey. You can use your own voice for this by doing a recording on your phone, or have someone from read the script for you, or you can use some free text-to-voice options available online.

You can google search free text-to-speech converter and get quite a few options. I won't list any here because I haven't used them. As mentioned earlier Invideo has the option included right in the studio with several different accent options. The ones I've used did not sound like robots.


Captions are optional. It really depends on your video, it may work with the aesthetic or it may not, it's up to you. When I make trailers, sometimes I use them and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'll just highlight a few key phrases. Consider your audience here too! Who are you hoping to reach, will your audience benefit from having captions on the video?


This last component is mandatory! Music is how you set the tone and pace of your video. It's a key driving force of the trailer. Of course you want to use royalty free music, as well.

I usually use YouTube Audio Library, they have a huge selection and since any video I make goes on YouTube… Why? Well, since you asked, it's free promotion, one day I'll get some ad revenue from it, and did I mention, free promotion?

So now you have all the tools you need to make an incredible book trailer. I hope this was helpful and look forward to seeing your book trailer real soon!  In the meantime, check out the two book trailers below and tell me what you think?

5 Free Ways to Market Your Book

So, you've finished your masterpiece and you have your printed copies ready to go, what's next? Well let's get those babies noticed and sold! Check out these 5 free ways to market your book for some really great ideas on getting your book in front of the right audience!

Social Media

Use Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter. These platforms are great free marketing tools. You can setup a profile and use them to connect with millions of readers across the globe. It helps to do a little research first regarding trending hashtags so you can reach the largest audience with your posts but here are some good ones to get you started: #writerscommunity #amwriting #amreading #booklovers #bookstagram #instaread #whattoread.


You can start a free blog on WordPress, Wix, Blogger, etc. You can blog about the book writing process, or post a blog from different characters' perspectives. You can interview your characters. If there was a major trend in the book - you can post about that, e.g., if foodies are your audience - post some great food pics, if the character is a mixologist - post a couple of signature drink recipes. If the book is for or about music lovers - generate a playlist. The possibilities are endless!


You can start a free website with Wix or Weebly. Make an author's website, or one specifically for you book. Add upcoming sales, virtual events, new releases, fan fiction, short stories, author info, & more. Content is key here - so the more you have to add, the better!

Book Trailers

You can create a book trailer on youtube for free using royalty free videos or photos from You can use free video editing software like OpenShot, add a voice-over or some dramatic music from Youtube's Audio Library and Presto! you have your very own book trailer.

Amazon Author Central

You can use Amazon Author Central to set-up an Author page which not only has links to all your books, but you can provide an author bio, events calendar, links to your social media accounts and various other ways for your readers to connect with you.

Easy & Fun!

Hey! It’s what I call LIBE!

Let It Be Easy!

Yes.  Did you know that when you allow something to be easy, that it also becomes a whole lotta fun?  Well it does! OK, let’s get started!

          I won’t even tell you to get out your writing journal because some people shrink back in sheer terror when you say journal. Why? Because they feel it has to be something formal, which to them spells hard.

          So what I will say is to just grab yourself a piece of paper, or something else you may want to write on.  Now, let your mind think on some things that you enjoy doing.  Ok.  Are you there yet?  Good!  Just take it nice and easy, as you begin to just list those enjoyable things you love to do.

          Now as you read over your list, you will find that quite a big smile comes to your face and enters your heart.  With that happening, you’ll begin to feel what we call, those feel good hormones course through your body.

          Just let it flow through you without rushing.  Stay in that moment for as long as you like.  Now grab that paper and begin writing again.  You’ll find that this time it won’t just be a list.


Writing Bliss



This is key to always remember because it is the number one inhibitor that most- not all- writers think prevent them from writing. It is one of those ‘old sayings’ that is time to put to rest, or better yet, to bury. The words, ‘writer’s block’ should never, ever come out of a writer’s mouth.

Let not those words even come near to your mouth!


Know that you are a conduit for the work, and what you write is flowing through you. When you understand this very critical dynamic, you can sit down and just begin to write, without distraction.

Remember that I said, not all writers believe such a thing as, ‘writers block’ anyway. Talking to some of the most prolific and talented writers, you will find that they have always known that the content and ideas had just smoothly flowed through them.

They cooperatively allowed themselves to be the messengers of some pretty amazing messages.


Have fun with a pre-writing activity. Do a kind of free style writing game, where you just begin to write whatever comes to your mind. This is such a fun-filled activity to do. You may even find yourself not wanting to stop. That is a great feeling to have because you begin to see how easy it really is.

You have now entered the cosmic zone of   
where every idea that comes to you is one of euphoric bliss.

Also, be mindful that this is just one of several pre-writing games that has consistently led to numerous books being best-sellers. So boldly go where great writers flow.