Too Good, Too True!

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Our society has a saying, “Too good to be true.”  BUT, how many non-conformers do I have out there?  Good!  I knew you were out there–the few, the grand, the “out the box thinkers!”

Thank Goodness that you prevail because we all know that our world could use the “Too Good, Too True” trailblazers instead of the other inhibited phrase.

We are the ones saying, “Hold up; Wait a minute!”  When you know the tremendously Amazing Master of the universe, there is no such thing as too good to be true–only the contrary, because with God all things are possible.  (and definitely all good things)

Therefore, we are the ones to sound the trumpet, saying, “No, not too good to be true–absolutely TOO GOOD, TOO TRUE.” 

Hey, it’s time to believe the GOOD!

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