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God’s voice is Powerful and Majestic….    “Let there be………”

Whatever scene in life you find yourself in right now, God already spoke into it.


God’s voice is as the sound of many waters—“Let there be…….”

Finances?  God already spoke into it.

Challenging relationship?  God already spoke into it.


God’s great voice is as a trumpet……..    “Let there be…..”

Yes! God spoke this voice into that heralding and frightening dilemma you’re facing right now.  Imagine it!  Walk out in freedom!


The voice of The Living God speaks out of the midst of fire…….    “Let there be…..”

Yes!  God spoke His voice into that fiery situation that you are in. Imagine it!  Push forth!.


And after the fire, a still, small voice…..    “Let there be…” Yes! God is speaking to you in your quiet place of rest, relaxation, and contemplation.


God thunders with the voice of HIS Excellency…..  “Let there be…”

Yes!  God spoke His Excellency into that entanglement that has you on edge, and uncertain of your destiny.  Imagine it!  Now extricate!


God thunders marvelously with His voice…..      “Let there be…”

Yes.! God spoke and did a great and marvelous thing with that circumstance that bewildered and frightened you.  Imagine it!  Now receive!


God’s voice is upon the waters; the God of glory thunders…..   “Let there be…”

Yes!  God overrides the floods in your life, and speaks to you upon the many waters.  Imagine it!  Rise up!


God’s voice divides the flames of fire….     “Let there be…”

Yes!  God divides the flames and you walk through the fire, without a singe, or smell.  Imagine it!  Walk on through!


God’s voice shakes the wilderness; The Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh…     “Let there be…”

Yes!  Look at God! God will not only speak to that wilderness place you’re in right now, but He does so in your place of Kadesh-the place of desert and wandering.  Imagine your glorious victory!



-Oh what victory we have in Jesus!

– The triumphant Creator has already declared your success.

-The Master of the universe has already spoken the good into you and your life, at the very beginning of creation.

Picture it!  When The Creator of the universe spoke, “Let there be” everything in life lined up to perfection.  Everything you would ever need and desire was contained within those very powerful and majestic Words.

In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God.  WOW!

By God’s Word all things consist.  All things.