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Who was the bright and morning Star even before the quasar? Who spoke the universe into being before we were even seen? You know Who! Don’t act as if you... Read more »

Top 10 BOXABL Questions Answered

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How to Make Book Trailers That Capture Readers & Hollywood

For years we’ve only seen two types of book trailers, the slide show – voiceover version and the big production version with actors and a big budget to go with... Read more »

What’s New With Boxabl? The Latest Boxabl News and Which Famous Person Has Been Living in a Boxabl!

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Investing in BOXABL – What You Need To Know | Disruptive Investing – Regulation Crowdfunding

BOXABL is all set to disrupt the construction market with their innovative building system, find out how you can get in on the ground floor with this unique investment opportunity... Read more »

Thank You Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Customers -Boost eBay Sales & Etsy Sales – Wow Your Customers!

Want To Wow Your Customers, Get Great Reviews and Keep Them Coming Back? Here are some great Thank You Gift Ideas to Add to Your Customers’ Orders. Remember gifting is... Read more »

What You Need To Know Before Buying A BOXABL- Buying A BOXABL Step-By-Step

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5 Ways To Relax and Refocus Your Mind

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How To Make $3,700/Month With BOXABL – Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

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5 Free Ways to Market Your Book

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Easy & Fun!

Hey! It’s what I call LIBE! Let It Be Easy! Yes.  Did you know that when you allow something to be easy, that it also becomes a whole lotta fun? ... Read more »

Writing Bliss

THERE IS NO WRITER’S BLOCK YES! YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY!EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!THERE IS NO WRITER’S BLOCK This is key to always remember because it is the number... Read more »